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About The Owner


Jon Lee is the owner of the Neighborhood Eatery. I'm a second generation Korean-American, born and raised in the Chicago area and moved to Orlando in 2004. I've also called Toronto and Minnesota home for a little. I'm a culinary school grad, former touring guitarist and missionary, and was a teacher as well. I try to pull from my various experiences and travels to create the food that is presented at the Neighborhood Eatery. I don't watch much food television but I enjoy movies, especially Disney (Lilo and Stitch is my favorite). I dislike damp towels and velociraptor attacks.


About The Restaurant


Q: Why is it called "The Neighborhood Eatery" when you're downtown?

A: Jon's from Chicago, where each neighborhood has it's own distinctive subculture and food spots. The hope was to pull from each of his experiences and influences from those neighborhoods and to show it through the menu. =)


Q: Why did the menu change?
A: We re-evaluate the menu every month and try to add and take certain things out. We also look at availability of ingredients so certain things just may not be feasible to make. Thanks for being understanding.


Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes and no. If you are within walking distance from us in the downtown area, we can deliver. We just ask that the order is reasonable. If you are a bit farther, sorry.


Q: Why does my food take so long to get in my belly?
A: We cook everything to order so you can enjoy your food to the maximum nom-ness you can have. We truly appreciate your patience!


Q: Do you. um. have wi-fi?
A: Yes.


Q: So what should I order?
A: Since our menu changes regularly, we can't definitively give an answer to that. If you happen to be around, feel free to ask us what's good on the menu.


Q: What kind of food do you have?
A: Hard to say. We're not exactly an American restaurant but we're not exclusively a Korean restaurant either. We have menu items that might be familiar to you but we try and put a unique spin on things... usually with a pan-Asian flavor profile.


Q: Velociraptor attacks?

A: Yes. They're terrifying.



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